helping small businesses grow

Professional services made simple

We've taken all the stress, time and confusion out of sourcing professional services and support leaving you to concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business.

Added value for your business

Our packaged support solution saves you the costly time and resources otherwise required to independently source legal, accountancy and training support

Tailored advice for your business

We've teamed up with Legal 500 law firms and leading industry experts to provide advice and resources tailored to your business and through Business Stack offer discounts not available anywhere else.

Time-saving tools and resources

Alongside a large catalogue of starter templates ready to download and customise Business Stack also includes bookkeeping software to keep your business finances in order, all accessible on your mobile wherever you are.

Business Stack helps to
keep your business on track

From Legal and Accountancy to eLearning Business Stack supports all your business needs. Each module comes with a host of benefits as well as a complimentary support helpline where you can speak to our experts about any queries you may have.

Our platform learns what your business needs and uses this to generate recommendations and timely notifications unique to your business and the industry it operates in.

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stack legal

A suite of commercial legal resources and tools alongside a complimentary support helpline.

  • Inclusive legal helpline
  • Complimentary commercial templates
  • Legal document health check
  • Discounts on all legal fees

stack accountancy

Accountancy resources and tools, premium bookkeeping software and a complimentary support helpline.

  • Inclusive accountancy helpline
  • Complimentary commercial templates
  • Bookkeeping Software and mobile App
  • Discounts on all accountancy fees

stack financial planning

The tools and software to plan your financial future and a helpline to connect you with financial planning consultants.

  • Financial planning helpline
  • Financial planning software
  • Case studies and knowledge base
  • Discounts on additional services

stack learning

Access an award winning LMS (Learning Management System) and a suite of complimentary courses to get you started.

  • Complimentary eLearning Courses
  • Discounts on additional Courses or services

Your business is in safe hands with our experts

We work with only the leading industry experts, suppliers and top Legal 500 law firms to deliver outstanding support and assistance to your business.