The benefit of eLearning for
business and staff development

A well managed learning and development programme is key to getting the best from the staff in any business, stack learning makes getting started with eLearning a simple process for any business.

stack learning gives you and your employees access to an LMS (Learning Management System) pre-populated with a number of complimentary courses, as well as access to a team of eLearning consultants on hand to provide support and assist with the purchase of additional custom made or off the shelf courses.

You may purchase additional courses or production services at special discounted rates reserved only for Business Stack platform customers. Purchases can be made within the LMS or through one of the eLearning consultants.

Included with stack learning

Stack Learning customers will have instant access to the following benefits to support their businesses:

  • eLearning support helpline

    Access support and discuss training requirements with a specialist eLearning consultant

  • LMS (Learning Management System)

    Online access to a fully featured, industry recognised and award winning LMS for your employees

  • Complimentary eLearning Courses
  • Expert eLearning Hints and Tips
  • Discounted rates available on all additional course purchases and course production fees

An award winning,
versatile and pain free
eLearning platform

stack learning enables you to effortlessly manage your eLearning programmes with a beautifully simple LMS. Whether you have a serious number of learners or just a few our LMS makes managing eLearning easy.

You will have everything you need within easy grasp to deliver quality training programmes that drive engaged teams and happy stakeholders.

eLearning consultant